Farm Okukuna

Farm Okukuna is a visionary new project to enhance food and nutrition security in the informal settlements of Windhoek. The farm act as the centre for a number of programmes, including growing food, marketing it and engaging the community on healthy nutrition.

We are committed to

  • Improve food and nutrition security, especially for women and children,

  • Improve income situation and support the development of micro-enterprises, particularly for women,

  • Further develop the food and nutrition security framework of the City of Windhoek.



City of Windhoek 


The World Future Council and the City of Windhoek have been engaging for a number of years on programmes for food and nutrition security. The cooperation is inspired by the celebrated food policy system of the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

The “Department of Economic Development & Community Services” of the City is responsible for the Farm Okukuna project. Witch experience in reaching out to the community, the City is committed to enhancing food and nutrition security. The City is currently putting up fencing and will hire and pay an on-site care taker and security in the long-term.

It will also provide a connection to electricity and water (semi-purified and fresh).


Please support us

  • We need a drip irrigation system (please donate via or via our Donate page)

  • We need funding/donations or in-kind contributions to fix up the houses on site (windows and pains, bathroom, kitchen, paint, locks)



Donovan Wagner

Eloolo Permaculture Initiative

P: 081 - 867 9297

Ina Neuberger Wilkie

World Future Council

P: 081 - 244 3981


Monika Shefeeni        

City of Windhoek                   

P: 081 - 124 3783