Clean Travel programme


As we all are becoming more environmentally conscience and understanding the effect we have on the environment we also realize that we have a responsibility towards the environment and our fellow living beings.

Tourism is responsible for around 8% of the total global CO2 emissions!

The good news is that through planting trees, we can offset our carbon emissions and help lessen the impact of the tourism industry on global warming.

For this reason, TOSCO  & ELOOLO teamed up to offer

Na­mibian tour operators and their clients the opportunity to offset their carbon emission for their safaris and be more responsible.

The Clean Travel programme is open to all responsible operators and travellers in Namibia.

How does it work?

Eloolo will plant your trees within communities and schools that will benefit from taking care of your trees. All trees will form part of a Perma­culture designed food system which are water wise and become more resilient and abundant over time.


Participating operators and travelers can come visit us at our nursery and community gardens.

For more information about our programme please contact:

cleantravel@tosco.org or info@eloolopermaculture.org

Our carbon calculator is easy to use and once you have calculated the cost to offset your carbon emission you can go to the donate page and make your payment so we can plant your trees. One tree costs EUR 20 or NAD 320 (Christmas special offer!).

Thank you.

We can also help you calculate your carbon use for your organization or specific situation. Contact us to help you offset your Carbon or find out more about the programme and how to join. Pay (donate) here.

N$ 320/


+ N$



? ? ?

This fee includes growing, planting, educating and supporting host communities or schools to take care of your tree.

​Please contact us to make a donation exceeding N$5000 or if you would like to make a corporate or private sponsorship in support of this programme. 

Donate any amount to help fund our nursery, grow and plant lots of trees.

Clean Travel programme plants trees in Windhoek

The Clean Travel carbon offsetting programme last week planted their first trees at two schools in Windhoek on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th October 2018. The two schools who benefited from the programme are Moreson Special School and Augustineum Secondary School.

The Clean Travel programme is a partnership between Eloolo Permaculture Initiative and TOSCO. Eloolo are a Namibian NGO engaged in education, food sovereignty and sustainability. TOSCO is a trust supporting and advocating for a sustainable and responsible tourism industry in Namibia. Together Eloolo and TOSCO are giving the tourism industry including their clients the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions through planting trees.

This year marks the maiden year of this innovative programme. The first trees were donated by Eco Safaris Namibia (85 trees) and ASCO Car Hire (22 trees).

Mr Rudolf Matengu, principal at Augustineum Secondary School was extremely excited about the tree planting programme as the school aims to provide extra food and nutrition to their boarding school that has been affected by funding cuts. Mr Matengu also pointed out that everyone should participate to achieve the UN sustainable development goals which include climate action. The school is also hoping to use this opportunity to attract sponsors for their garden and agricultural department which are in urgent need for irrigation, tools and gardening materials.

The mood at Moreson Special School can only be described as SPECIAL! The school is full of energy and the learners, teachers and principal are busy creating what can only be seen as an example to all Namibians. The Principal Mrs Anita Kreft has big plans for the school and planting trees and creating their own composting are only a few of them. Mrs Kreft reminded us that special needs and mentally impaired children and people also have the right to self-fulfilling occupations. Through vocational training such as brick laying, hospitality and agriculture learners can be integrated into mainstream society or continue working at Moreson and play a meaningful part in Namibia’s socio-economic activities.

ASCO Car Hire director Mrs Mirela Kriess said in her address to Moreson School that the Clean Travel programme was a wonderful way for ASCO Car Hire and their clients to be able to contribute and give back something to the Namibian people and the environment.

The Clean Travel programme is busy growing from a ‘seed’ that was planted just a year or so ago to potentially becoming a standard in the sustainable and eco tourism industry in Namibia.

For more information or how to join the Clean Travel programme please contact Felix Vallat at cleantravel@tosco.org or Donovan Wagner at info@eloolopermaculture.org



Community meeting Farm Okukuna

School garden club
School garden club

School garden club


Augustineum 1 25.10.18
Augustineum 1 25.10.18


Moreson 3 26.10.18
Moreson 3 26.10.18

Augustineum 1 25.10.18
Augustineum 1 25.10.18




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